Does your child’s footwear still fit ?

At Street Stompers we are super passionate about Children’s foot health. Our mantra is “look after your feet, and they will look after you in your old age!”

Therefore, we have put together this handy step-by-step guide in how to check if your child’s current footwear still fits.


1. Have a look at your child’s feet, taking note of the longest toe on each foot (the big toe is not necessary the LONGEST toe).

2. Put on the shoes you wish to check the growing room and get your child to stand up tall ensuring they are NOT leaning on anything.

3. Gently press the front of the of the footwear finding where the LONGEST toe is. If you are having difficulty feeling where the longest toe is, ask the child to wriggle their toes.

4. You are looking for space the top of the footwear. When we fit NEW footwear we always fit with room for growth around a thumb nail (roughly 1 cm), so you are looking to ensure that the foot is NOT at the top of the footwear. If it is then your child is ready for the next size up.

5. Repeat the above step on other foot. Not everyone has two feet the same length, therefore it is vital you check for growing room in BOTH feet.

6. Children’s feet also grow in width, so it may not always be the length that doesn’t have growing room, but in fact the width, resulting in your child’s shoes becoming too tight.

7. To check the width, ensure the child standing tall (not leaning on anything or anyone). With your thumb and index finger run your fingers down the sides of child’s foot, if you can feel the foot busting over the edges or the small toe is up against the material then the shoe is too tight and it is time to move up to a larger size

8. If you can’t feel for the growing room inside the shoe, another way of checking is removing the insoles from inside the shoes. Check first, that they can be removed! If so, take them out of the shoe and place them on the floor. Carefully allow your child to stand on the insoles and adjust the feet so the heel is just hitting the back on the insole. You can then see how much space they have at the front of their shoes.

9. Lastly PLEASE remember that every brand fits differently, so if your child has various brands of footwear it is important that you check the fit across all the brands.

If you require any assistance please pop in and see us for a “fit check” we are always happy to help!

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